The Feurthstreet Lumber Factory

The Feurthstreet Lumber Factory Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band from Susteren Netherlands and is more popularly known as FLF.
The band obtained it’s name from the location of it’s first rehearsals. These took place on Feurthstreet in Susteren in the back room of an old saw mill which was later transformed into a lumber factory.

The FLF was created in 1997 when a group of dedicated musicians
got together to play some traditional jazz. Even though they were without
any direct knowledge of jazz they had a vision and persevered. So much
so that today they are in great demand and
have even acquired a broad fan base in many countries.


They have built up quite a reputation as excellent entertainers
at corporate parties and jazz festivals. They feature a wide repertoire
of music mostly from the 1900 to 1950 period which is then of course
played with the FLF’s own interpretation.






 - Cornet

 - Trombone

 - Clarinet

 - Sousaphone

 - Base drum

 - Tenor Banjo

 - Snare Drum.


This creates a rich timbre and by varying instruments there is plenty of variation.Above all “FUN IN THE PLAY” is of paramount importance to the FLF and this radiates out from all band members. This foundation along with it’s constant interactions with the audiences and spontaneous improvisations have made the band a favorite at all sorts of events. Every week they continue to receive requests to perform at various functions ranging from family parties to jazz club concerts.


The FLF is still based out of Susteren which is in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is situated in Southern Netherland in an area known as the Green Waste which is only about 5 km wide and is bordered by Belgium and Germany.
The FLF look forward to both hearing from you and working with you to make your next event a success.
For bookings or further information please feel free to contact the FLF either through the “contact tab” or if you choose via it’s email address